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Florida Home Inspection Team Inc. prides itself in providing quality service to our customers. You can be assured that when you hire us, we are working for you, and not the real estate agent, broker, or mortgatge company. After all, you will be living in the home after closing, not them. We will provide you with a comprehensive report, with pictures, so you can make an informed decision. At Florida Home Inspection Team Inc. we feel you should know exactly what you are buying. We conduct comprehensive home inspections, 4-point insurance inspections, wind mitigation inspections, and 25 year roof certification inspections.

We are members of FABI (Florida Association of Building Inspectors). www.fabi.org and all reports adhere strictly to their standards of practice. We are also members of IHINA (Independent Home Inspectors of North America) www.ihina.com. We are licensed - license #: HI197 and insured.

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Loose perimeter shingles
Termite droppings in attic

Wire too large for the lug and has been cut to fit.
Leak verified with moisture meter. 50% reading is high.

Roof is past its life. needs replacement
Leak verified with moisture meter

Fuse panel. Many insurance companies are no longer insuring fuses. Cost replacement is $900.00 and up.
Leak verified with moisture meter

Leaking water heater
Incoming electrical drip loop too low

Improperly bonded distribution panel
Excessive settlement crack in wall

Roof is beyond its lilfe
Leak found in attic

Improper pipe materials and installation
Improper drain pipe

Improper water heater TPR relief line
Disposer missing clamp at bottom plate

Burned outlet
Flat roof laps not secured

Damage under crawl space
Open older vent stack on roof will leak

Double wired terminals
double lugging at main electrical feeds

Evidence of a roof leak
Too many wires in one area creates a fire hazard

Cast iron waste pipe leaking
Deteriorated roof covering. This was also a roof over.

This balcony railing was not attached at the base
Leaking drain pipe under a crawl space

Wet ceiling confirmed with a moisture meter
Missing protective clamp at disposer. Potential shock hazard

garage door electronic eyes missing and wired at top of opener
Missing framing screws in window frame

Leaking exterior wall from water heater
improper clearance for service panel.

left box improperly wired from main service panel. Has no overcurrent protection.
Roof leak in attic

Improper bonding at distribution panel. Grounds and neutrals must be separated.
ungrounded outlet

Improper installation of Tankless water heater. Copper pipes must be used at inlet and outlet and for the first 36 inches. No permits on this installation
Missing bond wire on pool pump. This can electrify the water in the pool

Loose ridge tiles

Bucket in attic under roof leak
evidence of roof leak along side of house

Ceiling under second floor bathroom was wet









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